Mack Snack.

Email the Governor and tell him to reject drilling in the Everglades

DEP sticks to decision to grant permit for Estates area oil well

Well looks like there will be drilling in the everglades, hello future environmental disasters. 

Canoeing around Lake Seminole.
I didn’t kills this snake and I am not sure who did. But it was a harmless Florida Water snake and not a water moccasin. Either way these snakes will leave you alone if you don’t mess with them. 
Cypress Knees
I caught a bowfin out of Lake Seminole. 
To the left, Florida. To the right, Georgia.
Sunrise on Lake Seminole.
Lake Seminole Bass.
Sunset on Lake Seminole
Slider attempting to make it back to Lake Seminole after nesting.
I hike over twelve miles through the park searching for a the endangered Sherman’s Fox Squirrel, but only found one and he ran before I could get much closer. Like many other species in Florida, sherman’s fox squirrel is dependent on fire to maintain its habitat and the overdevelopment of Florida has threatened this species existence.